Official author site for Kerri Davidson

Official author site for Kerri Davidson

Official author site for Kerri DavidsonOfficial author site for Kerri DavidsonOfficial author site for Kerri Davidson

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About Me

Thanks for stopping by!

I'm Kerri Davidson, Canadian multi-genre author of The Chronicles of Henny and Soul's Choice.

Yes, there is more to me than just drunken chicken humor. But we can talk about that in a minute.

First some fun facts!

I love all animals, some humans, vodka, and potato chips.

I'm older than I look, but don't worry, I'm still a kid at heart.

Welcome to my Worlds!

I am a writer. Always have been, always will be.

I started my writing and publishing journey with the graphic novel series The Chronicles of Henny. As the warning label says, they may look like they were drawn by an 8-year-old, but they are not suitable for one.

The Chronicles of Henny is what I like to call humor for "grownups". I love making them, and I laugh my socks off every day while Henny drinks, curses and tells terrible jokes!

There is no place I'd rather be.

Watch this space for Volume 4, coming in 2020!

But why stop there? My debut paranormal fiction novel, Soul's Choice is out in the world! There are no vampires, werewolves, or zombies to speak of. It's more of a coming of age story, set both in the real world as we know it, and the afterlife as I imagine it to be.

And just when you think I've done it all...

I'm working on Beneath the Snow, a post-apocalyptic tale in which the weather has been behaving badly. Twyla soon finds her world confined to a single shopping mall along with a handful of stragglers, and you bet things are going to get interesting.

Last but not least, The Soul Must Go On (Soul's Choice sequel) is in the works as well.

If you're dying to know what happened to Amy and the rest, you'll soon find out.

Check back for more about me, and all my projects. In the meantime, that 'shop now' button will take you to my store at where you will also find all the details about my currently published works!

Don't forget to check out The Crows by C.M. Rosens! Her ebook is available for purchase here! See the "Books by Other Authors" section for more details!


The Books

The Chronicles of Henny


The Chronicles of Henny follow the life and struggles of a fowl-mouthed, drunken chicken named Henny who lives with a cop. He's just trying to find his place in the world . . . 

Yes, disastrous (and hilarious) consequences are bound to ensue.

Clearly not suitable for children, these humorous graphic novels are written for "grownups." Bonus: The illustrations are as comical as the books!

Soul's Choice


Amelia Clarke is dead. But she's not gone. She has an earth family to watch over, new worlds to explore, and mind-blowing discoveries to make. Her husband Jason and teenage daughter Amy have their own problems as they struggle to come together and live in a world without her.

Amy. Sweet sixteen and never been kissed. She'll soon find out this is the least of her troubles. Life hasn't even begun to heap its miseries upon her. Overweight, socially awkward, and now motherless . . . Will she be able to rise above and find her place in the universe?

Soul's Choice is set in both the afterlife and the world as we know it. This story follows the journey of three souls and the choices they make in the face of disaster, despair, and the underlying but always present Rules.

Draw With Me and Write With Me


An interactive colouring book for all ages. 

Yeah, it's for the kids. But I've seen more than a few adults having some fun with it. You're never too old!

Books by Other Authors


The Crows by C.M. Rosens

When Carrie Rickard falls in love with a ruined house, her life changes forever - especially since this house loves her back. Fairwood House, known locally as The Crows, is no ordinary ruin. As Carrie pours herself into its restoration, she learns that it comes with a curse and an unsolved sixty-year-old child murder... and a mind of its own.

As she digs into the secrets of The Crows, Carrie is dragged into a world of witchcraft, blood magic and the supernatural, aided by her eldritch soothsayer neighbour, Ricky Porter, who's as obsessed with the house as Carrie is. Ricky, desperate to win the respect of his overbearing, monstrous family by any means necessary, sees Carrie's future is set in stone - and so is her death-date. But will he help her, or is he the reason she's doomed?